Subluxations Don't Cause Disease

The Medical Matrix has conditioned us to believe the cause of all diseases are the signs associated with the disease.

In other words, muscle spasms, joint degeneration, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and low testosterone are the causes of everything from pain, arthritis, heart attacks, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction.

Many Chiropractors on the other hand look within to locate the cause of disease, and claim to have found it in the Vertebral Subluxation.

In other words, Subluxations of the spine "cause" interference with the nervous system, which in turn "causes" the disease process.

The FACT is, Subluxations DO NOT cause disease anymore than degenerating joints and high blood pressure cause arthritis and heart attacks.

Let me shed some logic on the truth behind Subluxation:

Cause and Effect

Being Healthy or living with pain and disease is as a consequence of Cause and Effect.

Something "causes" a chain reaction of processes within the body that ultimately results in an "effect".

CAUSE can be defined as something that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, or condition.

EFFECT can be defined as something that is produced by a cause; a result; a consequence.

Every choice you make in life "causes" a chain reaction of "effects" throughout the body, resulting in either Health or Disease.

The Vertebral Subluxation

The Vertebral Subluxation is a misalignment of the joints of the spine resulting in the 5 Components of a Vertebral Subluxation.

To better understand what the Vertebral Subluxation is, read my article "What is a Subluxation".

Subluxations cause Dis-ease, not diseaseThe spine, however, is made up of vertebra (bones), ligaments, muscles, and nerves.

All acting harmoniously to support and maintain the spinal column in proper alignment to serve the better function of the individual spine owner.

Spinal misalignment's (effect) occur as a consequence of a Stress (cause).

There is never a time individual spinal joints choose to Subluxate on their own. Muscles don't decide, without direction from the Brain, to tighten and go into spasm all by themselves.

Vertebra cannot misaligned, without being pulled out of alignment by muscles, spontaneously on their own.

Vertebral Subluxations are a reactive process occurring as a result of a Physical Stressor, a Mental Stressor, or a Chemical Stressor.

Vertebral Subluxations "Cause" Disease

Now that we have a clear understanding that Vertebral Subluxations DON'T CAUSE disease, let's look at what Subluxations do cause.

DIS is a root word meaning deprived of, while EASE is defined as freedom from pain, worry, or agitation.

Chiropractors commonly use the word "Dis-ease" referring to a state of "ease" that's out of balance or disrupted.

Vertebral Subluxations, using Chiropractic terminology, do cause "Dis-ease"

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's impossible to explain and substantiate Chiropractic using medical terminology, just as it's impossible to explain and substantiate home repair using fireman terminology. Chiropractic is Chiropractic and cannot be explained using medical science or terms.

Correcting the Cause of Disease

Lifestyle choices cause all diseasesClearly, if the environment and lifestyle choices are the root cause of all adaptive processes leading to disease, there's not a Chiropractic Adjustment or medical drug that can "fix" the cause.

You are in complete control of correcting the cause (Stress) to obtain the desired effects you want.

This, however, is improbable and impractical as the only people on the planet who live without cause (Stress) are dead.

Fortunately for you, the cause of Disease is not an all-or-nothing situation.

Limiting the amount of Physical, Mental, and Chemical Stress you're under now, pays serious dividends toward your desired Health status tomorrow.

The FACT is, people who handle Stress and eliminate Stressors effectively, have a better opportunity to enjoy Health and Happiness.

Correcting the Cause of DisEase

Because Vertebral Subluxations result in an imbalance of the Brain-Body Connection, Chiropractors are well equipped to correct the cause of "Dis-ease".

A body with Subluxations, causing a breakdown between Brain and Body Communications, does not function as well as a body with clear Communication between the Brain and Body, regardless of Stress levels.

Chiropractic Adjustments correct Vertebral Subluxations, thus the cause of Dis-ease within the body, and allow for a more balanced Communication between the Brain and Body.

The FACT is, people who get Chiropractic Adjustments live better, and are overall happier, than those who don't, regardless of stress or disease.

The Big Question

Chiropractors will either believe Subluxations cause Disease, or Chiropractors will know Subluxations cause Dis-ease.

The type of Chiropractor you choose, Principled or Therapeutic, will strongly determine the benefits you experience from Chiropractic.

Understanding the true "cause" of Disease is Stress, empowers you to start making better lifestyle choices, and understanding the true "cause" of Dis-ease is Vertebral Subluxations, empowers you to start seeing a Principled Chiropractor so you can enjoy your life to the Max.

Commit to improving your lifestyle choices and getting frequent Chiropractic Adjustments, and WOW, your life is on a path of Awesomeness.

It's Your Choice:

Leave a comment below and, if you can, share 1 cause of disease that is not related to Stress.