Oregon Smart Heart Monitor SE102 Review

The Oregon Smart Heart Monitor is a good quality base heart rate watch that is equivalent to higher price models from other suppliers - since this is an analog device excpect that it can suffer from interference from other devices.

The Oregon Smart Heart Monitor SE102 is a straightforward combination heart rate monitor and watch. The device does what you might expect it to do. Via a chest strap, the monitor keeps track of your current heart rate and constantly displays what that heart rate is on the display. It will also display how many calories the wearer has burned and lets the user set a high and low end of their heart range; the device notifies the wearer when their heart rate is approaching either end. The device offers visual, audio and vibration alerts to help ensure that the wearer is properly informed of their situation. The device simplifies user interface by eliminating need for a menu or button mashing by allowing the user to simply tap the face of the watch to toggle through the available information.

The watch allows for a personalized user profile made up of gender, height, weight, age, and a few other factors that would affect what the target heart rate should be. It also allows the user to view what percent of their maximum heart rate their current heart is currently at; this makes life much easier for a user who is trying to stay in a specific "zone" for their heart rate to maximize their cardio or weight loss exercise time. The screen has a backlight so it is not too difficult to see even in frustrating lighting situations. The Oregon Smart Heart Monitor watch gives the user a heads up whenever the battery is begging to run out and is also water resistant up to 10 meters.

The price for the Oregon Smart Heart Monitor runs around 40 dollars, depending on where you shop and is a very good value. Amazon reviewers have generally given the model good reviews, giving it a composite rating of 3.5 (although none of the reviews are below three stars, so the worst thing anyone has had to say about this device is that it is "average"). There only seem to be two pieces of negative feedback. The first of these is concerning that the device is susceptible to feedback when being used near other devices that function in a similar manner; the example this particular user gave was that his device didn't function properly at the gym. The other piece of negative feedback was that the function of the device that allows the user to change screens simply by tapping the screen was a bit buggy; that particular user still rated the device at a full five stars, however. All other feedback seems to be generally positive and just reaffirms that this product does, in fact, function as intended. For the 40 dollar price tag, if this device functions as advertised then this is probably not a bad buy.

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