Individual Dental Plans

Dental insurance is important because good dental health is important. Oral problems can include tooth decay and periodontal or gum disease, oral infections such as cold sores, as well as birth defects in infancy and the chronic facial pain conditions and oral cancers seen in later years. Dental insurance is needed these days since dental care can be expensive. But for every adult age 19 or over without medical insurance, there are three without dental insurance.

Dental coverage is available. You will be required to pay monthly premiums to have continuous dental coverage, which means as long as the policy is active you do not have to worry about your finances even in case of dental emergencies. To get a quote for dental coverage, click here.

There are three main types of dental coverage: indemnity plans, managed care plans (PPOs) and capitation dental plans or DMO (dental maintenance organization).

Indemnity Plans give you the flexibility of choosing your own dentist without regard to whether or not they are contracted with the dental insurance company. In general, these types of plans are more expensive that a PPO or DMO dental plan.

Managed Care Plans (PPO plans) are dental plans where the dentist or orthodontist signs a contract with the insurance company, agreeing to provide their services at a negotiated or reduced rate. In general, PPO dental plans are far less expensive than indemnity dental plans. Both indemnity and PPO dental plans often contain a 12-24 month waiting period before they cover major work.

Capitation Plans (DMO plans) are plans that contract with a specific group of dentists who are compensated a set fee to provide dental treatments to the member. These type of plans usually do not have any deductible, waiting periods, or maximum benefit limits. The insured pays a set fee for each service that is provided. These are the least expensive of the dental plan types and usually provide the most benefits.

You can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile. Please click here to review some of the dental plans we have available and be sure to call or e-mail us if you have any questions.