Home Blood Pressure Monitors

The use of home blood pressure monitors is critical to controlling hypertension (high blood pressure). You should find the best blood pressure monitor to make sure that any medication you are taking is working properly and can alert your doctor if you find unusual readings which could indicate complications.

These simple blood pressure monitors are widely available and don't require a prescription. You can buy them at your local pharmacy or online. Numerous studies have shown that just the simple act of measuring your blood pressure can actually help you lower it. You also may find that your blood pressure is lower when you measure it at home due to stress you may undergo while at a doctors office.

Frequent use of the best blood pressure monitor can also alert you to changes in your health that may be caused by diabetes or kidney problems. It will also reduce your health care costs which is something we all want to do!

Main Parts of Home Blood Pressure

The Cuff
Buying the correct cuff is critical to getting a good blood pressure reading. If you are excessively muscular or overweight you might want to buy the device at your pharmacy so that it can be custom fitted to you. The cuff has a rubber bladder that inflates with air to squeeze your arm. Using a blood pressure monitor at a public location often gives you incorrect reading because the cuff is not sized to fit your anatomy.

The Gauge
A dial gauge indicates that the monitor is an aneroid device. This will require you to use a stethoscope and be able to hear your blood flowing through your artery. A digital display indicates that the device will be easier to use and not require a stethoscope.

The Stethoscope
Aneroid monitors require a stethoscope and some skill learning to hear and interpret the sound of your blood flowing through your arteries. Digital monitors avoid this problem.