Disease isn't Genetic

On this episode of the 180 Podcast, Dr. Jason and Blake implore you to stop blaming your parents for the effects of poor lifestyle choices.

In this episode you will be getting:

We're going to be talking about the difference between Gene Expression and Gene Presence.
We're going to be talking about the real cause of illness and why it's not your parents fault.
We're going to talk about how understanding your Genetics will help you be Healthier and Happier.
We're going to send your Genes through the 180 Essentials.
Blake is enjoying the fine weather and Dr. Jason talks about making some Lifestyle changes and losing weight.

Rocks in your Backpack

Imagine you're born into a pool wearing water wings and a backpack.

It's become well accepted that the human species is genetically designed to live around 120 years.

For this story, imagine you're born into the pool with your water wings on, a backpack on your back, and your water wings have a very slow leak in them.

This very slow leak means the air will completely leak out in about 120 years, which is your life potential.

So, if you're floating around your pool of life without any stress, the air will leak out and you'll live about 120 years.

Now, for this story, any stress in your life, which is any toxicity or deficiency, will represent a rock in your backpack.

Stress are Rocks in your backpack.

So, when you add stress, or rocks, to your backpack, a series of very important things will occur.

First, because of the weight of the stress, or rocks, you will sink lower in the water.

This, in turn does what to the pressure in your water wings?

Right, it increases the pressure.

Now, when the pressure in your water wings increases due to the stress, or rocks, what does this do to the leak?

Right again, it increases.

So, what does this do to the length of time you'll be able to float in the water?

Yep, it decreases.

In other words, the more rocks you add to your backpack, the lower you sink in the pool, which increases the amount of air leaking from your water wings, which results in you sinking well before your genetic potential of 120 years.

Your Rocks, or Stress, causes you to age faster and die younger.

Gene Expression vs. Gene Pressence

Laying the groundwork for our topic on Genetics.

A true Genetic illness is defined by the presence of a specific gene 100% of the time.Gene Theory is being misinterpreted to explain the cause of Chronic Illnesses that have nothing to do with Genes.

True Genetic Diseases, according to Bruce Lipton in his book The Biology of Belief, only account for 3% to 5% of Chronic Illness.

For a Chronic Illness such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, or Cancer to truly be "Genetic" the presence of the Gene would mean you would suffer from that disease 100% of the time, ever time.

A true Genetic Illness is defined by either the absence or presence of a Gene or Genes.

If you have the Gene or don't have the Gene, you have the illness.

If the illness is NOT present every time the Gene is present, then we have a Gene Expression illness and not a Gene Present illness.

Gene Expression illnesses are caused by Lifestyle Choices.

Disease is NOT your Parents Fault

The fact that Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and Cancer are NOT Genetic Presence diseases, but Genetic Expression diseases, means it's not your Parents fault you have Breast Cancer.

Genetically this is a fact, but if you're so inclined to blame your parents for your current disease situation, do so from the perspective of conditioning.

Your parents were likely a big influence in how you ate, exercised, and chose to care for yourself when you became sick, and these influences have definitely shaped who you are today and the illnesses you suffer from now.

However, they did NOT pass bad Genes down to you giving you immunity from any responsibility for your current Chronic Disease.

How Disease Works

Illness and Chronic Disease is caused by Lifestyle Choices that cause stress to your life.

The more Stress you're under, the quicker your cells divide, which result in more cell damage and a shortened lifespan.

Hans Selye, a famous Canadian researcher in the mid twentieth century was a pioneering researcher on cell function, health, and illness effects on chronic exposure to stressors.

Hans discovered that our bodies respond to virtually every stressor the same exact way, and when under chronic stress, our bodies will go through a series of predictable stages.

Stage #1: Alarm, or Fight or Flight
The individual cells of your body, and the ecosystem of your body, detect the stressor and CHANGE Genetic Expression in order to adapt and survive the stress, and enter a state of Survival Physiology.

Stage #2: Adaptation
If under stress long enough, our bodies undergo a deliberate and intelligent change in physiology aimed at surviving, or adapting to the threat imposed by the stressor.

Stage #3: Fatigue
If the exposure to the stress is chronic, the cells of your body expend so much energy trying to adapt, they become fatigued and weak, and are unable to deal with other challenges.

Stage #4: Death
If the stress remains and continues, it eventually completely exhausts our resources for survival and we die.

Stress, in this case, is considered any Toxicity or Deficiency.

1Eighty Healing Action Step

Dr. Jason's Action Step is to resist the illusion you don't have control over your own Health and Happiness.

Blake's Action Step is goes with Dr. Jason's and expands on it in the episode.

What are your thoughts on Genetics and Disease? Do you know anyone who's blaming their parents for their current illness or Disease?